Trade show magic

Why add magic to your trade show strategy

Having a magician at your booth is one of the most effective attention-attracting tactics you can employ, according to market research firm Exhibit Surveys, Inc. For getting your company and product name out there, only product demos rank higher.

Attracting attention isn't enough

You don't just want people to hear the names of your company and its products. You need your company and product names to mean something to people, for people to know what it is about your company and its products or services that matters to them. You need people who spend time at your booth to be closer to sold than they were when they arrived.

Why you need to book Lochlan Masters

Trade shows are expensive. You want the time, energy, and money you invest in your trade shows to pay off. That's why you need Lochlan Masters. He's not your everyday magician. He's a magician who understands how to use his craft to help you achieve your trade show marketing goals.

Put Lochlan Masters to work

On the aisle

As applause and laughter rise up to the ceiling of the exhibit hall, curious trade show attendees will head toward your booth. As the crowd grows, more people will come to find out what's going on. You'll find that Lochlan is very adept at not only attracting a crowd, but holding onto it.

He can deliver a performance 2-3 times per hour throughout the day for your company that will:

  • Stop people in their paths
  • Draw people in
  • Build a crowd
  • Hold their interest
  • Challenge their perceptions
  • Open their minds
  • Get them listening
  • Make them grin
  • Sell your message
  • Generate qualified leads

Lochlan can work his magic from a platform as small as 3' by 3' at the corner of your exhibit. He can also work "theater-style" from a table or podium set up with seats for the audience. He will work with you to ensure that his performance is visible, with sound and lighting appropriate for the space and for the room.

On the floor

Between performances, Lochlan can stroll the aisles to stimulate interest in visiting your exhibit. With the help of your incentive offers that can only be redeemed at the booth, you'll see a significant increase in the number of visitors.

During your reception

Bringing Lochlan to your hospitality suite or reception to mingle among your guests will loosen them up and lift their spirits after a long day — keep them there longer, so you'll have more opportunity to talk with them.

Launching your sales meeting

Start your sales meeting with Lochlan an energizing show 10-20 minutes long that will get your sales force focused, engaged, and ready to produce.

On the main stage

Sponsor the main stage with Lochlan Masters as your presenter. He'll draw an audience and build your brand through a performance that integrates your key messages with illusions, mentalism, and more.